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Ashley, Amber & Angel Sanders


Indianapolis Met alumni the Sanders triplets—Angel, Ashley and Amber—are individually driven, passionate and bright. Each graduated with honors from Indianapolis Met in 2009 and earned bachelor’s degrees from Indiana University-Bloomington in May 2013.

At IU, Amber and Ashley majored in East Asian languages and cultures. Ashley’s language focus was Korean; Amber’s was Japanese. Angel, who did part of her undergraduate study in Korea, double majored in international studies and Slavic languages and literature with a focus on Russian.

The Sanders family learned about Indianapolis Met from a friend who was attending the school. At the time, the triplets were attending a larger public school that wasn’t a good fit. They credit their Indianapolis Met experience as a huge influence in directing their paths and helping them set goals.

“In high school, we started listening to international music and watching Korean films,” Amber said. “We decided that we liked learning languages. We were also given the freedom to do independent work and explore our interests.”

The three left their mark on Indianapolis Met by organizing the first student elections, participating in several internships and planning an International Day. 

“For our senior project, we got to choose something that we were interested in,” explained the Sanders. “So, we organized a language fair. We contacted international agencies and community centers. Each organization made a dish and talked to students about their cultures. A good amount of people came, and they really liked it!”

Amber, Ashley, and Angel were recently accepted to Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies in Seoul. Their goal is to earn master’s degrees, immerse themselves the culture and become fluent in one or more Asian languages. They then hope to work in the United States or internationally for government or a multinational corporation, become connectors and help bridge borders around the world.